Betstarexch Terms & Conditions

1. Betstarexch, a dynamic platform operated by BetstarexchInfotech Limited, a company registered in Belize under registration number 167038, brings you an unparalleled gaming experience. Our registered office is located at 9 Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize. We are proud to be licensed and regulated by the esteemed Curacao authority (Sub-license with License number 365/JAZ Sub License GLH-OCCHKTW0707072017 granted on 6.07.2017).

2. The heart and soul of Betstarexch are encapsulated in the “Betstarexch Rules,” which form a comprehensive, final, and exclusive agreement between you, the valued Account Holder, and us. These rules govern our contractual relationship and supersede any prior agreements, representations, or understandings. By registering, logging in, using our Services, participating in our exciting games, or accepting any Prize, you wholeheartedly acknowledge and accept the following:

– You become a party to the Betstarexch Rules,
– You have read, understood, and agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions, and
– You will abide by all the terms stated herein.

We may update, amend, edit, or supplement the Betstarexch Rules, but any substantial changes will be communicated in advance, and your consent will be sought. If you disagree with any amendments, you may discontinue using our Services.

3. As an “Account Holder,” you enter into a contractual relationship with Betstarexch when you create your Betstarexch Account on our Website.

4. A “Betstarexch Account” is a dedicated account held by you, the Account Holder, aimed at establishing a genuine commercial relationship with us. This account is exclusively for betting and other gaming and gambling transactions.

5. The “Contract” embodies the relationship between Betstarexch and an Account Holder and is governed by the Betstarexch Rules, known as the “Terms and Conditions.”

6. Our “Governing Authorities” hail from the esteemed jurisdiction of Curacao.

7. The “Governing Law” is that of Curacao.

7.1. The “Place of the Contract” is Curacao.

7.2. The “Regulator” is the Curacao Gaming Authority (Gaming Services Provider N.V), a regulatory body established by Curacao law to oversee all gaming activities within its territory.

7.3. The “Website” is your gateway to Betstarexch, accessible through Here, we provide all current and relevant information about our operations and deliver our thrilling Services to you.

7.4. The “Services” comprise the delightful gaming and betting offers provided by Betstarexch through our Website.

7.5. The “Gaming and Betting Duty” refers to the special tax applicable to gaming and betting in Curacao.

7.6. A “Card” encompasses all payment-related cards, such as “payment,” “charge,” “debit,” “credit,” “virtual,” and/or similar cards.

7.7. A “Payment Solution Provider” acts as an intermediary payment agent, facilitating various payment methods.

7.8. A “Financial Institution” refers to a bank or other institution regulated by relevant domestic financial services Act or similar regulations.

7.9. “Force Majeure” denotes any occurrence or condition beyond one’s control, leading to a delay or default in fulfilling contractual obligations. For the Betstarexch Rules, this includes Acts of God, government restrictions, wars, riots, acts of terrorism, and more.

7.10. “Client Application” is the web browser application that you, as the Account Holder, open to access our Services.

7.11. “Software” includes all applications used by Betstarexch to offer and operate our Services and the Client Application.

7.12. A “Prize” is an exciting reward that can be won by you, the Account Holder.

7.13. An “Inactive Account” refers to a Betstarexch Account that has not recorded any log-in or logout activity for a period exceeding 12 consecutive months.

7.14. All “Intellectual Assets,” including trademarks, service marks, trade names, images, graphics, text, concepts, or methodologies, found on our Website, Client Application, and related materials, are exclusively owned by Betstarexch and/or our suppliers and partners. The Account Holder is not authorized to exploit or use any Intellectual Asset beyond what is allowed by law.

8. Explore Boundless Entertainment with Our Licenses

Betstarexch operates with full licensure in Curacao and is regulated by the Gaming Services Provider N.V. Our fixed odds betting services are made possible under License No. 365/JAZ Sub-License GLH-OCCHKTW0707072017, issued on 06/07/2017, valid till July 2018, and automatically renewable for 12 months.

9. Rules for Account Holders

9.1. Creating Your Betstarexch Bet Account

9.1.1. To participate in our captivating games with real money, an individual must become an Account Holder. Registration requires a personal application, providing the following details:

9.1.2. Date of birth and valid identification to confirm that you are over eighteen (18) years of age or the applicable legal age of majority as per your jurisdiction (identification documents include a copy of a valid identity card, passport, or driver’s license).

9.1.3. First and last name.

9.1.4. Full residential address.

9.1.5. Valid email address.

9.1.6. A unique username and a secure password.

9.2. We value responsible gaming, and hence, individuals under the age of eighteen (18) are not eligible to register or hold a Betstarexch Account. We may request additional age verification to ensure compliance. In such cases, your account may be temporarily suspended until satisfactory proof of age is provided.

9.3. Before becoming an Account Holder, you warrant and represent:

9.3.1. You are a physical person (legal entities are not eligible).

9.3.2. You are not a resident of certain restricted countries, including Afghanistan, Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, French territories, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Spain, Syria, Turkey, United States of America, U.S. territories, or Yemen (certain country exclusions apply for Casino, Games, Live Casino, Poker, and Bingo).

9.3.3. You are not a professional player in any sport, competition, or league where Betstarexch offers betting.

9.3.4. You are not restricted by limited legal capacity.

9.3.5. You are not acting on behalf of another party.

9.3.6. You are not classified as a compulsive problem gambler or listed on any register or database of excluded players.

9.3.7. You are not depositing money from criminal or illegal activities.

9.3.8. You are not using unauthorized Cards or utilizing Cards in jurisdictions where betting and gaming are prohibited.

9.3.9. You are not involved in any criminal activities directly or indirectly related to your Betstarexch Account.

9.3.10. You do not hold an active account with any legal entity belonging to the same group as Betstarexch, which includes other entities controlled by BetstarexchInfotech Limited.

9.3.11. You are using our Services in compliance with your country’s laws and regulations.

9.3.12. You find our Website and Services acceptable, fair, and suitable.

10. Keep your Betstarexch Account details up-to-date, including your first and last name, country of residence, valid email address, and phone number.

11. You acknowledge and accept:

11.1. All definitions and stipulations outlined in the Betstarexch Rules.

11.2. The current Betstarexch Rules available on our Website, along with any future changes.

11.3. The Place of Contract being Curacao.

11.4. The Contract governed by the Betstarexch Rules as published in English.

11.5. The regulatory provisions and decisions made by the Governing Authorities from time to time.

11.6. The Governing Law of the Place of Contract.

12. If any individual is found using two different IDs and logging in from the same IP address, their winnings in both accounts will be canceled.

13. If multiple user accounts are logged in from the same IP address, the bets in question may be removed. The final decision rests with Betstarexch in such matters.

14. Betstarexch reserves the right, in cases of fraudulent activities, to either A) Void the bet in question, or B) Void all bets in the relevant market. The decision to apply either A or B will depend on the higher amount, and Betstarexch will make the final call on this matter.

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